Acromil News

8/18 – BTL Acquisition

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA.-(BUSINESSWIRE)-August 31, 2018-Acromil, LLC has acquired the assets and business operations of BTL Machine, Inc.,

7/18 – Completion of 1st 777X

Dr. Gerald Niznick, owner and Chairman of Acromil, LLC stands with a finish machined 777X, Thrust Reverser Latch Beam.

3/18 – Completion of new State of the Art

Continuing our aggressive growth and company improvement initiative, Acromil has just completed a brand new State Of The Art assembly department.


Adding to our growing list of unique work statements,Acromil was recently awarded a contract to produce the Highly complex Sniper ATP Adapter.

9/17 – Acromil completes 10,000 square foot

As part of Acromil’s planned growth strategy, we have just completed a 10,000 square foot addition to accommodate the installation of our two (2) new wide range...

7/17 – 777X Hinge and Latch beam Contract.

Adding to our growing list of awards for Boeing’s new 777X, Acromil was recently awarded a contract to manufacture Thrust Reverser Hinge and Latch Beam assemblies.