Our innovative and expert engineers have all the necessary tools at their command. Acromil programs parts using a variety of programming software, including CATIA v5, MasterCAM, Unigraphics and NCL, all of which are complemented with our use of Vericut.

Our complete system support includes the following:
  • Programming Languages: CATIA v4 and v5, NCL, Unigraphics NX6, MasterCAM
  • File Formats: Native CATIA, Native UG, STEP, IGES, MasterCAM
  • Electronic Data Interchange available for information and files transfer
  • Tool Design and Concept Development for all parts manufactured
  • Program Simple and Complex 3-, 4- and 5-axis parts

Vericut is used for program verification prior to release of programs to the shop floor. This enhances our tape proofing capabilities and eliminates costly proofing time usually associated with first run parts.

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